Circle Bobble "This color matching game has a total of 17 levels. It gets quite challenging."

This is a game about bubbles. Shooting bubbles. There's nothing groundbreaking that idea but this Brent Silby game mixes up concepts from games such as Puzzle Bubble with some, at times, fast paced arcade/puzzle action.

The game alternates between different types of levels, each more challenging than the previous. Some of the levels will have you clearing out bubbles arranged in moving circles (as seen in the screenshot) while others have you navigating a field of falling bubbles. Common for all levels is that you clear them by matching colors. Like in Puzzle Bubble, you're constantly given a new bubble with a random color and you then have to shoot it at another matching bubble. However, if you hit a non-matching color, you're dead. No mercy.

Another nice game made by Brent Silby with the Gamelib JavaScript game library. There is no music or sound in this one and the graphics, while simple, fulfill their purpose.
Commando 21c "Liberate a foreign nation and eliminate a terrorist threat. Duck to avoid enemy fire, and be sure to destroy the choppers overhead. Gamers from the 1980s might recognize the mainstage music. It is a Midi variation of the Capcom Commando tune."

That pretty much sums up the action in this shoot em up game by Brent Silby. You take on the role of a commando as he fights his way through terrorists coming at him on foot, wheels and in the air.

The first level takes place in the streets where you must make your way to a car that's parked a distance to the right. Enemies attack from both sides, both as small groups of foot soldiers, in cars and from choppers. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it through level 2 where you use your newly found wheels to (try to) fight off a steady stream of choppers.

As mentioned in the intro blurb, the action is accompanied by Midi music and I think the tune fits the game well. The visual experience is a mixed one but it doesn't detract too much from the gameplay. As usual the game was made Silby's improved version of the DHTML game library Gamelib.
Balloons and Droids "Move between islands and protect Earth from attacking droids." And you get to do it in a balloon!

This is a fun little arcade shoot-em-up game by Brent Silby. The basic premise is that you move out the bottom of a big hot air balloon and shoot waves of attacking droids.

The background graphics look a bit MS Paint-ish but the Mega Man sprite in the balloon seat makes up for that! The droids look familiar as well, but I can't place them.

If you're playing in IE, you can turn on some delicious Midi music by pressing "S". It did not seem to work in Firefox, though, which might just be for the best.
Tetris Bricks Car Racing Tetris meets car racing for some old school handheld game fun.

Remember the handheld electronic games of the 80's? Awfully simple games with usually pretty crappy LCD screens. Horribly addicting, nonetheless.

Nowadays you can get them in 1000-games-in-1 versions that include all sorts of games playable on the same device. Valentin Galea was inspired by one of these devices and made this racing game in the style of these old games, played on a low-res dot matrix screen a'la Tetris.

Use the arrow keys to try to avoid cars and other obstacles. The car goes faster and faster but you can slow it down by ramming into to the walls. As you pass the other cars, your score goes up and at the end of the game you can post your score to a public high score list.

Behind the scenes, everything happens by manipulating the background colors of cells in a big table. Nice and simple.
Canvas Invaders Jason Brown created this quick clone of the classic Space Invaders game as a canvas learning experience.

This is a pretty straight-forward Space Invaders clone. The only significant change from the original Space Invaders game is that in Canvas Invaders there are no bunkers to hide behind.

As the name suggests, the game employs the canvas element to do the graphics and while it's perfectly possible to make a game such as this using standard DHTML, I still think it's nice to see more games take advantage of the canvas.
Read more... A portal for old Sierra On-Line adventure games ported to JavaScript and DHTML with a nice multiplayer aspect.

With the tagline "Instant adventure gaming" gives you that old school adventure game feeling from classics such as Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest.

Not only does it feature (at the time of writing) three such games, ported to JavaScript, but the author, Martin Kool, throws in a bit of multiplayer fun. As you play through the games and interact with the different scenes and objects, you will meet other people walking around the same game world and doing the same things. A very nice touch and a great way to bring a bit of innovation to the games (as if simply making them in DHTML was not impressive enough).

And for the icing on the cake, the engine and a demo game is available on Google Codeand (under the LGPL license) and there's a game resource exploration tool called Sarien Studio available online for the technically interested.
mBlocks One of the better DHTML Tetris games out there.

Merix Studios, a Polish web design company, decided to have a little fun and created this little puzzle game and while it may just be another Tetris remake, it's a fine one for sure.

The visuals are very pleasing and have a nice, slick look. The gameplay is the same as it's always been, ie. keep the well clear by filling full lines. A "shadow" of the current piece is seen at bottom of the well where it would land if dropped at this moment, a feature I imagine some would find a great help while others would feel it takes something away from the challenge.

There are two different game modes. One is just the classic "standard" Tetris game, the other is a timed mode in which you have 5 minutes to try to get as many points as possible. There are also separate high score tables for each of these modes. All in all, this is a nice Tetris game.